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Connection between Terminals - Los Angeles

This free service is provided by the LAX Shuttle bus and connects passengers to all terminals, transportation services and parking lots. In turn, in October 2023, a 2 miles connector was inaugurated and allows connecting passengers to move between all terminals without having to leave the building. During 2024, a rail service (people mover) will be added to this new connection.

LA Shuttle Bus Image from Youtube

LAX Shuttle bus

Route A

All terminals are serviced by the LAX Shuttle Bus Route A, which operates 24 hours a day, every 10 minutes, at the curb on the lower arrivals level in front of each terminal, under the sign "LAX shuttle airline connection."

Route C

Lot South / LAX City Bus Center - Connection between each terminal and the City Bus Center. Take the Lot South shuttle to the City Bus Center. Runs from 4 AM to 2 AM daily.

Route E

Free shuttle service between the Economy Parking and LAX, 24 hours a day. Shuttle pick-up and drop off locations are on the lower level at the pink shuttle zones.

Route G

Metro Line C (green line) - Connection from each terminal to Aviation Metro Line C station. Buses depart from the Aviation Line C station every 15-20 minutes daily, depending on the Metro Green Line train schedule, with limited service between 1:00 am and 4:00 am. For the current Metro C line train schedule, visit

Route X

LAX employee lots - Terminal to East, West and South employee lots. Operates 24 hours a day.

Information on city bus services is available by telephone on the Information Display Board in the baggage claim area in each terminal. In addition, passengers can obtain local transit information by calling 323.GO.METRO or 323.466.3876.