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Taxis and Travel Apps

LAX-it is the way to get to your Taxi services or travel app. When leaving the airport, walk or take the free shuttle bus outside the baggage claim area on the lower level/arrivals, at the green LAX-it signs.

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Taxis drop off passengers at the edges of the upper level terminal, Departures area.

Taxis can be picked up at three locations:

  • At LAX-it next to Terminal 1 - Passengers can walk or ride the free, convenient shuttle service, which arrives every 3 to 5 minutes, to LAX-it to hail a cab. Passengers should wait at the GREEN LAX-it signs on the lower/arrivals level in front of each terminal.

Personnel identified with green vests can assist you if you need help boarding or loading luggage. In case you need special assistance in the LAX-it lot, once you board the bus, ask the driver for help who will call ahead so that someone is waiting for you when the taxi arrives.

  • Inside parking structure 3  between Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B) and Terminal 3 - for passengers arriving at those two terminals
  • At the Terminal 7 end outside baggage claim - for passengers arriving at Terminals 7 and 8

Only authorized cabs with an official seal issued by the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation on each vehicle are allowed to pick up at the airport. Authorized Taxicab Supervision (ATS) - cab management and dispatch services: 310-646-9177.

Authorized cab companies serving LAX

  • Yellow Cab
  • Bell Cab Company
  • Beverly Hills Cab Company
  • United Checker Cab
  • United Independent Taxi Drivers (UITD)
  • United Taxi of San Fernando Valley (UTSFV)
  • City Cab
  • Independent Taxi

Taxi accesible

In the event you need an accessible taxi, please call (310-646-9177) to have an accessible taxi dispatched from the waiting area to the LAX Central Terminal area closest to the access. It is indicated by a DARK BLUE sign on the sidewalk of the terminal. In turn, service animals are allowed at no additional charge.

Paratransit Users (Access Services)

Paratransit taxis display the Access Services logo and are authorized to transport passengers from the inside curb side of the passenger arrival terminal. They cannot pick up passengers at the airport.

If you are a registered Paratransit user and have requested airport pickup, Access Services (Paratransit's service company in the Los Angeles area) can send a taxi to pick you up in the area listed above.

Taxi Fare Estimates from LAX*

→ Santa Monica USD 48 
→ Long Beach USD 82 
→ Hollywood USD 78 
→ Downtown L.A. USD 85 
→ UCLA USD 56 
→ Venice Beach USD 42 
→ Rodeo Drive USD 62 
→ Disney Resort USD 115

*During peak hours, these fares could increase by 20-30%.

Travel apps

Lyft, Opoli and Uber are the authorized providers of ride app services at LAX. If you take a travel app to LAX you can be dropped off directly at your terminal on the upper level / departures.

If you need help getting off or on the bus, ask the bus operator for assistance. Once you're on your way to the LAX-it lot, use the app to schedule your ride. Confirm with the designated driver listed on the app that you are boarding the correct vehicle.